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QGlib::Type Class Reference

Wrapper class for GType. More...

#include <QGlib/Type>

List of all members.

Public Types

enum  FundamentalType {
  Invalid = 0, None = 1<<2, Interface = 2<<2, Char = 3<<2,
  Uchar = 4<<2, Boolean = 5<<2, Int = 6<<2, Uint = 7<<2,
  Long = 8<<2, Ulong = 9<<2, Int64 = 10<<2, Uint64 = 11<<2,
  Enum = 12<<2, Flags = 13<<2, Float = 14<<2, Double = 15<<2,
  String = 16<<2, Pointer = 17<<2, Boxed = 18<<2, Param = 19<<2,
  Object = 20<<2

Public Member Functions

QList< Typechildren () const
uint depth () const
Type fundamental () const
bool hasValueTable () const
QList< TypeinterfacePrerequisites () const
QList< Typeinterfaces () const
bool isA (Type is_a_type) const
template<typename T >
bool isA () const
bool isAbstract () const
bool isClassed () const
bool isDeepDerivable () const
bool isDerivable () const
bool isDerived () const
bool isFundamental () const
bool isInstantiatable () const
bool isInterface () const
bool isValid () const
bool isValueType () const
QString name () const
Quark nameQuark () const
Type nextBase (Type rootType) const
 operator Private::GType () const
Typeoperator= (Type other)
bool operator== (Type other) const
Type parent () const
void * quarkData (const Quark &qname) const
void setQuarkData (const Quark &qname, void *data)
 Type (const Type &other)
 Type (FundamentalType ftype)
 Type (Private::GType gtype)

Static Public Member Functions

static Type fromInstance (void *nativeInstance)
static Type fromName (const char *name)

Private Attributes

Private::GType m_type

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

template<class T >
Type GetType ()

Detailed Description

Wrapper class for GType.

A GType is a numerical value which represents the unique identifier of a registered type. The GType API is the foundation of the GObject system. It provides the facilities for registering and managing all fundamental data types, user-defined object and interface types.

As a wrapper, this class provides only methods for querying existing types, not registering new ones. You should never need to use it directly, although it might come in handy in some cases.

To retrieve a Type for a certain class, use GetType().

This class is a thin wrapper around an unsigned long. There is no overhead in copying it around, since it is just an integer.

Definition at line 63 of file type.h.

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