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QGst::Bus Class Reference

Wrapper class for GstBus. More...

#include <QGst/Bus>

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Public Member Functions

void addSignalWatch ()
void * data (const char *key) const
void disableSyncMessageEmission ()
void enableSyncMessageEmission ()
ParamSpecPtr findProperty (const char *name) const
bool hasPendingMessages () const
bool isAncestorOf (const ObjectPtr &object) const
QList< ParamSpecPtr > listProperties () const
QString name () const
ObjectPtr parent () const
QString pathString () const
MessagePtr peek () const
MessagePtr pop (ClockTime timeout=0)
MessagePtr pop (MessageType type, ClockTime timeout=0)
bool post (const MessagePtr &message)
Value property (const char *name) const
void * quarkData (const Quark &quark) const
void removeSignalWatch ()
void setData (const char *key, void *data, void(*destroyCallback)(void *)=NULL)
void setFlushing (bool flush)
bool setName (const char *name)
bool setParent (const ObjectPtr &parent)
template<class T >
void setProperty (const char *name, const T &value)
void setProperty (const char *name, const Value &value)
void setQuarkData (const Quark &quark, void *data, void(*destroyCallback)(void *)=NULL)
void * stealData (const char *key) const
void * stealQuarkData (const Quark &quark) const
void unparent ()

Static Public Member Functions

static BusPtr create ()

Protected Member Functions

template<class T >
T * object () const
 Q_DISABLE_COPY (ObjectBase)
virtual void ref (bool increaseRef)
virtual void unref ()

Protected Attributes

void * m_object


struct Private::RefPointerEqualityCheck
class RefPointer

Detailed Description

Wrapper class for GstBus.

The Bus is an object responsible for delivering Message packets in a first-in first-out way from the streaming threads to the application.

Since the application typically only wants to deal with delivery of these messages from one thread, the Bus will marshall the messages between different threads. This is important since the actual streaming of media is done in another thread than the application.

There are three ways to get messages from a Bus:

In this library, the bus watch is implemented using Qt's mechanisms and is not a wrapper for the GStreamer bus watch mechanism. This allows you to use a watch even if you are not running a Glib event loop. However, this requires a running Qt event loop.

Definition at line 51 of file bus.h.

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