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QGst::Caps Class Reference

Wrapper class for GstCaps. More...

#include <QGst/Caps>

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Public Member Functions

void append (const CapsPtr &caps2)
void appendStructure (const Structure &structure)
bool canIntersect (const CapsPtr &caps2) const
CapsPtr copy () const
CapsPtr copyNth (uint index) const
bool equals (const CapsPtr &caps2) const
CapsPtr getIntersection (const CapsPtr &caps2) const
CapsPtr getNormal () const
CapsPtr getUnion (const CapsPtr &caps2) const
StructurePtr internalStructure (uint index)
bool isAlwaysCompatibleWith (const CapsPtr &caps2) const
bool isAny () const
bool isEmpty () const
bool isFixed () const
bool isSimple () const
bool isSubsetOf (const CapsPtr &superset) const
bool isWritable () const
CapsPtr makeWritable () const
void merge (const CapsPtr &caps2)
void mergeStructure (const Structure &structure)
void removeStructure (uint index)
template<typename T >
void setValue (const char *field, const T &value)
void setValue (const char *field, const QGlib::Value &value)
bool simplify ()
uint size () const
CapsPtr subtract (const CapsPtr &subtrahend) const
QString toString () const
void truncate ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CapsPtr createAny ()
static CapsPtr createEmpty ()
static CapsPtr createSimple (const char *mediaType)
static CapsPtr fromString (const QString &string)
static CapsPtr fromString (const char *string)

Protected Member Functions

template<class T >
T * object () const
virtual void ref (bool increaseRef)
virtual void unref ()

Protected Attributes

void * m_object


struct Private::RefPointerEqualityCheck
class RefPointer

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

QTGSTREAMER_EXPORT QDebug operator<< (QDebug debug, const CapsPtr &caps)

Detailed Description

Wrapper class for GstCaps.

Definition at line 30 of file caps.h.

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