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template<typename T >
void QGlib::Value::set ( const T &  data )

Sets this Value instance to hold the specified data. As with get(), the bindings take care of calling the appropriate g_value_set_* method depending on the type T, but note that this is only meant to be used with the types of the bindings.

If this Value instance has been initialized to hold a different type of data than T, a conversion to the correct type() will be attempted. If the conversion fails, the Value will remain unaffected and a warning will be printed.

See also:

Definition at line 322 of file value.h.

Referenced by create(), and QGlib::ObjectBase::setProperty().

    try {
        ValueImpl<T>::set(*this, data);
    } catch (const std::exception & e) {
        qWarning() << "QGlib::Value::set:" << e.what();

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