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QGst::TagList Class Reference

Wrapper class for GstTagList. More...

#include <QGst/TagList>

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Public Member Functions

double albumGain () const
double albumPeak () const
quint32 albumVolumeCount () const
quint32 albumVolumeNumber () const
BufferPtr applicationData () const
QString applicationName () const
QString artist (int index=0) const
int artistCount () const
QString artistSortName () const
BufferPtr attachment (int index=0) const
int attachmentCount () const
QString audioCodec () const
double beatsPerMinute () const
quint32 bitrate () const
void clear ()
QString codec () const
QString comment (int index=0) const
int commentCount () const
QString composer (int index=0) const
int composerCount () const
QString composerSortName () const
QString contact (int index=0) const
int contactCount () const
QString containerFormat () const
QString copyright () const
QString copyrightUri () const
 Data (const GstTagList *tl)
 Data ()
 Data (const Data &other)
QDate date () const
QDateTime dateTime () const
QString description (int index=0) const
int descriptionCount () const
QString deviceManufacturer () const
QString deviceModel () const
quint64 duration () const
QString encoder () const
quint32 encoderVersion () const
QString extendedComment (int index=0) const
int extendedCommentCount () const
QString genre (int index=0) const
int genreCount () const
double geoLocationCaptureDirection () const
QString geoLocationCity () const
QString geoLocationCountry () const
double geoLocationElevation () const
double geoLocationHorizontalError () const
double geoLocationLatitude () const
double geoLocationLongitude () const
double geoLocationMovementDirection () const
double geoLocationMovementSpeed () const
QString geoLocationName () const
QString geoLocationSublocation () const
QString grouping () const
QString homepage (int index=0) const
int homepageCount () const
BufferPtr image (int index=0) const
int imageCount () const
QString imageOrientation () const
void insert (const TagList &other, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeAppend)
bool isEmpty () const
QString isrc () const
QString keywords (int index=0) const
int keywordsCount () const
QString languageCode () const
QString license () const
QString licenseUri () const
QString location (int index=0) const
int locationCount () const
QString lyrics (int index=0) const
int lyricsCount () const
quint32 maximumBitrate () const
quint32 minimumBitrate () const
quint32 nominalBitrate () const
 operator const GstTagList * () const
 operator GstTagList * ()
TagListoperator= (const TagList &other)
QString organization (int index=0) const
int organizationCount () const
QString performer (int index=0) const
int performerCount () const
BufferPtr previewImage () const
double referenceLevel () const
void removeTag (const char *tag)
void seGeoLocationName (const QString &value)
quint32 serial () const
void setAlbumGain (double value)
void setAlbumPeak (double value)
void setAlbumVolumeCount (quint32 value)
void setAlbumVolumeNumber (quint32 value)
void setApplicationData (const BufferPtr &value)
void setApplicationName (const QString &value)
void setArtist (const QString &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setArtistSortName (const QString &value)
void setAttachment (const BufferPtr &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setAudioCodec (const QString &value)
void setBeatsPerMinute (double value)
void setBitrate (quint32 value)
void setCodec (const QString &value)
void setComment (const QString &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setComposer (const QString &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setComposerSortName (const QString &value)
void setContact (const QString &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setContainerFormat (const QString &value)
void setCopyright (const QString &value)
void setCopyrightUri (const QString &value)
void setDate (const QDate &value)
void setDateTime (const QDateTime &value)
void setDescription (const QString &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setDeviceManufacturer (const QString &value)
void setDeviceModel (const QString &value)
void setDuration (quint64 value)
void setEncoder (const QString &value)
void setEncoderVersion (quint32 value)
void setExtendedComment (const QString &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setGenre (const QString &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setGeoLocationCaptureDirector (double value)
void setGeoLocationCity (const QString &value)
void setGeoLocationCountry (const QString &value)
void setGeoLocationElevation (double value)
void setGeoLocationHorizontalError (double value)
void setGeoLocationLatitude (double value)
void setGeoLocationLongitude (double value)
void setGeoLocationMovementDirection (double value)
void setGeoLocationMovementSpeed (double value)
void setGeoLocationSublocation (const QString &value)
void setGrouping (const QString &value)
void setHomepage (const QString &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setImage (const BufferPtr &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setImageOrientation (const QString &value)
void setIsrc (const QString &value)
void setKeywords (const QString &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setLanguageCode (const QString &value)
void setLicense (const QString &value)
void setLicenseUri (const QString &value)
void setLocation (const QString &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setLyrics (const QString &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setMaximumBitrate (quint32 value)
void setMinimumBitrate (quint32 value)
void setNominalBitrate (quint32 value)
void setOrganization (const QString &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setPerformer (const QString &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setPreviewImage (const BufferPtr &value)
void setReferenceLevel (double value)
void setSerial (quint32 value)
void setShowEpisodeNumber (quint32 value)
void setShowName (const QString &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setShowSeasonNumber (quint32 value)
void setShowSortName (const QString &value)
void setSubtitleCodec (const QString &value)
void setTagValue (const char *tag, const QGlib::Value &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setTitle (const QString &value, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeReplaceAll)
void setTitleSortName (const QString &value)
void setTrackCount (quint32 value)
void setTrackGain (double value)
void setTrackNumber (quint32 value)
void setTrackPeak (double value)
void setUserRating (quint32 value)
void setVersion (const QString &value)
void setVideoCodec (const QString &value)
quint32 showEpisodeNumber () const
QString showName (int index=0) const
int showNameCount () const
quint32 showSeasonNumber () const
QString showSortName () const
QString subtitleCodec () const
 TagList (const TagList &other)
 TagList (const GstTagList *taglist)
QGlib::Value tagValue (const char *tag, int index=0) const
int tagValueCount (const char *tag) const
QString title (int index=0) const
int titleCount () const
QString titleSortName () const
quint32 trackCount () const
double trackGain () const
quint32 trackNumber () const
double trackPeak () const
quint32 userRating () const
QString version () const
QString videoCodec () const

Static Public Member Functions

static TagList merge (const TagList &firstList, const TagList &secondList, TagMergeMode mode=TagMergeAppend)

Public Attributes

GstTagList * taglist

Private Attributes

QSharedDataPointer< Data > d

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

QTGSTREAMER_EXPORT QDebug operator<< (QDebug debug, const TagList &taglist)

Detailed Description

Wrapper class for GstTagList.

TagList is a collection of tags and values that is associated with TagMessages and TagEvents. used to describe metadata in media files.

Tags are usually set with the helper functions:

 TagList tl();
 tl.setTitle("12th Symphony");

And retrieved as native Qt types in a similar way:

 qDebug() << tl.title();
 int track = tl.trackNumber();

Some tags accept multiple values. By default only the first value is returned, but it is possible to determine the number of values available and retrieve a specific one using its index:

 int authors = tl.authorCount();
 for (int i=0; i<authors; i++) {
      myAuthorList << tl.author(i);

It is also possible to use the optional TagMerge parameters when setting tags that accept multiple values:

 tl.setAuthor("Mary", QGst::TagMergeAppend); //now tl.authorCount() equals 2
 tl.setAuthor("George", QGst::TagMergeReplaceAll); //now there is only one author, "George"
This class is implicitly shared.

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